Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

6 April 2015   •   link

Dieter Bohn from The Verge:

It’s actually remarkable to see a Samsung device where design feels like it was a consideration from the start, not something applied only after the component list was compiled. Go ahead and have your battles about which is better, who copied who, and even whether it’s worth losing that traditional Samsung removable battery. While you’re doing that, I’ll be over here enjoying this elegant and refined device.

As a S5 user whose looking to get away from Samsung as fast as possible this is intriguing, if nothing else. My biggest two complaints have always been the plastic body as well as Touch Wiz. It seems like my first complaint has been addressed and Samsung have knocked it out of the park, even if it looks like an iPhone 6. On the Touch Wiz side they definitely seem to have toned things down, however it still has an ugly paint job which ruins an otherwise awesome looking phone.

Ron Amadeo on Arstechnica sums it up nicely:

We would still like to see the company refresh the stale front design and do something about TouchWiz, but it’s nice to see Samsung finally break some of its bad habits. The S6 is a great device and is something that should help Samsung’s newly uncertain market position. There are some tradeoffs, but, finally, we’ve got a Samsung phone that feels nice. What the heck took so long?